Pet Foods

Our nutritious pet food range.

Our pets come in various different shapes and sizes as well as lifestages, each having different nutritional needs for them to be healthy.  At Shandell Pet Foods we cater for all types from high digestibility and energy densities to controlled proteins, calcium and phosphorus levels to reduced fats and higher fibre. You’ll find a recipe your pet will love. 

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For All Ages

For all ages

Puppy: 4 weeks - 12 months
Junior: 4 months - 12 months


Shandell Pet Foods - Product Range for Dogs Super Premium

Puppy / Junior

A delicate balance of calcium and phosphorus to support skeletal development.

High digestibility and energy density to meet growth requirements. 

Omega-3 to support development of cognitive and visual function.

Adult: 1 year - 7 years


Shandell Pet Foods Product Range for Dogs


Small breeds need a food with a higher energy (kcal/100g) due to having a higher metabolic rate.

Large breeds need more controlled protein, energy, calcium and phosphorus levels for steady growth.

Working dogs need a higher daily energy intake as their energy output is greater than the average pet.

Senior: 7+ years


Shandell Pet Foods Product Range


Senior Dogs require higher fibre levels and reduced oil and fats level/energy per 100g.

Weight gain – reduced fat level as senior dogs are likely to gain weight due to decreased activity levels.

Joint support –  Omega-3, Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin all help with ageing joints.